It was almost twenty years ago when Neverwinter Nights was released. You hear me consistently talking about this game and the virtual experiences that consumed my college life. When I should have been working on my pickup game at the club, I was throwing together custom Dungeons & Dragons modules for other geeks to play. Only Jason and Tom know what I’m talking about: they were in fact vital members of the Assassins of the Night and Waerholme projects. AoTN was an ambitious persistent world Jason, Tom, and I put together on the heels of finishing our StarCraft: Brood War campaign, The Lost Terran Colony. When I left for the Uni, Tom and Jason carried on the legacy.

In 2002, I ended up at Daggerford PW with the little time I did have. I grew addicted and a year later I found myself full-on lorestaff working to build HAZE PW, “a revolution in roleplay.” I ended up blocking crawlers on the site for years but a quick Google search of “Uraj Studios” or “hazepw.tk” will reveal my involvement with all kinds of splinter projects that followed. It was a great time – and an excellent distraction from the Great Stink that was college.

Now – in fucking 2021 – the same group of guys and gals have gotten together again to put something just as amazing together. The project lead, HOT, is probably a decrepit old man at this point, but his noggin is still throwing together some good ideas. He’s surrounded by a good crew, too. I’ve promised the wife that I won’t turn this into the obsession it once was; it can’t because the counterbalance of work keeps me in check. But I’m trying to do my part, especially since I feel guilty abandoning a sequel project destined for NWN2 – but then again, the Army is to blame for that.

It’s called Eminence, and to borrow a phrase from HAZE, it’s certain to be “a revolution in roleplay.”


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