“Kulitkitnik nami halharat Tat”

Welcome to the Warring States of Tat, a treacherous region known for its hostile nomadic tribes and warring city-states. You have arrived in Ijimorjat, the small fiefedom at the southern edge of Lake Orya.

Congratulations for all three groups making it to winter! It has come.

Tat‘s northernmost boundary is the southern limit of the Menorjan Wastes on the Dulhrit Peninsula. It’s hard to tell where these borders begin and end. To most Ivaryataka, the horsemen on the Oryan Steppe, Tat ends at the Menorjan Branch, a range of mountains separating the steppe from the tundra. Ijimorjat kings, however, have claimed everything north of the River Varalya. This territorial contest brings the people of the steppe into frequent conflict with the frozen men on the lake.

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