WoB Zoom


I’ve sent invitations out to all the email addresses I had on the registration sheets. If you never provided me with an email address, I tried calling or texting. I’ve reached most of you. Zoom links and passwords are in the email invitations.

Some housekeeping:

  • Charsheets. Please have them printed or digitally at-the-ready. I only have two monitors so I can’t have everyone’s pulled up at the same time. My desk is already crammed with books, maps, dice, etc.
  • Unlike in-person at the hole, we can imbibe. Please enjoy yourselves responsibly… if you’re of legal age. Looking at you, Troop ADVENTURE!
  • All die roll will be virtual, except when it makes sense for me to do it at my desk.
  • Turning your cameras on isn’t necessarily required, but seeing your face makes it easier for me to hate you more.
  • Physical consequence is still in effect! Please make sure you have room to do push-ups. Late arrivals do 10 PUs up entry.

Time slots are as follows:

Group A – Dwarves in Waiting, Mar 13, 4pm

Group B – Troop ADVENTURE!, Mar 13, 1pm

Group C – Archons of the Intelligent Two-eyed Bipedal Primate; 6pm

See you there!


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