Archons and DiW at WAR!

The war between veteran adventurers vs. veteran-veterans begins.

Justin Imbiber (Wizard 10) allied his party, the Archons of the Intelligent Two-eyed Bipedal Primates, with the people of the steppe, and entered into a de facto alliance with the isolationist theocracy of Rarune.

The Prophet City is a fortified monastery built into the sandstone cliffs at the eastern end of the Runrya Pass. The city-states of Ijimorjat and Saroryat are both claimants of the Pass.

The leaders of Rarune, however, make no territorial claims outside of its city walls. In fact, the only thing the monks care for is the Holy Shrine of the Prophet which conveniently resides at the heart of the city. The residents of Rarune are steppe peoples who have converted from their shamanistic faith to that of the Prophet’s teachings. While there is distrust between the Ivaryataka of the steppe and their cousins holed up in Rarune, there is a blood-peace that keeps the two factions from entering into hostilities.

Dunken Pabst (Barbarian 11) is the leader of the Dwarves-in-Waiting party. Pabst & Co. have been allied with the Ijimorjat kings for several seasons (since their arrival back in October).

This effectively brings the two Player-Chracter parties into conflict.

Troop ADVENTURE! what’s your move? See you on Saturday!

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