House Rule #17

I hereby propose House Rule #17:

House Rule #17

Whereas a Player or Character playing World of Beroth is involved in an incident requiring fate of the die,

Whereas the result of the fate is a critical fail (0 or 1 on any randomized generator, a series of die, or dice);

Whereas a Character dies as a result of the fate;

The Player is exempt from the 20% experience point loss penalty when re-rolling another character.

Example: DM instructs Players to roll Reflex checks for their Characters to pass over a stretch of thin ice on Lake Orya. A Player suffers a critical fail by rolling a 1 and their Character falls through the ice. The Character begins to take damage every round for drowning in icy water. The Player rolls Reflex checks to doff the Character’s armor beneath water; other Player-Characters roll Reflex checks to help the Character doff armor underwater. Successive rolls fail to rescue the drowning Character. The Character dies. The Player does not suffer from a 20% EXP loss on their next re-rolled Character.

I hereby ratify and pass House Rule #17. Player voting is not required as it does not effect Player mechanics.

Have the record show that I enacted House Rule #17 for Caroline in HR17-2020.10.01, “The Incident on Lake Orya.”

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